🔆 What makes your SaaS business 'the one'?

The past 4 weeks I’ve intended to answer the big question: How to create predictable traction in a new SaaS category? 

Today I’ve posted the long-form blog to answer that question

In the process, I’ve reflected on my own experience, researched the 250 podcast episodes that I’ve recorded since 2018, talked to various B2B SaaS CEOs in the past weeks, and arrived at a playbook of 6 critical steps:

  1. Crystalize the problem
    It all starts by making people aware of what holds them back from achieving their aspirations.
  2. Understand what’s making your customers successful (not just happy)
    Happy customers are a good start. Successful customers become your ambassadors and will bring you look-alikes without asking.
  3. Focus on making your offer irresistible.
    It will help you overcome the mental hurdles and business risk dilemma of being first.
  4. Leverage narrative design
    It enables you to build a new reality (the new game) in the mind of your ideal buyer (the mind shift). It paves the way for Product Positioning to be successful.
  5. Double down on evangelism.
    Investing in evangelism helps build the critical mass of support and accelerates establishing it as a standard.
  6. Spark a movement
    With this, you flip the effort and turn a push effort into a pull effect. It’s not about the relationship between you and your buyers. It’s about the bond your ideal buyers have between each other.  

This 6-step playbook works whether you’re acting in a highly competitive existing category and want to create a way to carve out space where you’re ‘the one’ – or whether you’re a category creator in a new market. 

Leveraging the six steps will help you build the strategic narrative for your marketing team to shift from capturing demand to creating demand. 

It will help to attract the right audience and create the necessary urgency. 

These are crucial ingredients to build predictable traction. And that, again, is what you need to win that race to become (and stay) the category leader.

Here’s the blog again. Good luck


Question for you to reflect upon:

What makes your SaaS business ‘the one’ in the category you operate in? How would your ideal customers describe that?


Be Remarkable


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