🔆  What makes your SaaS solution irresistible?

🔆  What makes your SaaS solution irresistible?

Imagine you’re creating a SaaS solution for invoicing, payments and tax. Not exactly sexy, let alone irresistible, …unless your name is Paddle

The way Paddle brings its solution to market is remarkable.

Here’s the thing:

What Paddle gets is this:

  • Instead of selling features, they sell a desirable outcome.
  • They don’t focus on what you can do with their solution but articulate what you DON’T have to bother about anymore.
  • Instead of making just a bold promise, they also give remarkable guarantees.

The result: an irresistible offering for which their ideal customers are willing to pay a premium. Instantly – any day of the year.

When I asked Christian Owens, CEO of Paddle, about the strategy behind this, this is what he answered:

“We’ve been on a decade-long journey of trying to educate a market about the way that they’ve done it for 25 years. We don’t think is correct. Not because the way that they’re doing it is wrong. It’s not correct, because we don’t believe they should have to do it at all.”

That shifting changes everything. It’s a remarkable example of a company that decided early on to stop trying to be better but instead aimed to be different.

Question for you to reflect upon

What makes your SaaS solution irresistible for your ideal customers? What if you’d leverage that?


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