🔆 What’s holding your SaaS business back from hockey-stick growth?

🔆 What’s holding your SaaS business back from hockey-stick growth?

TL;DR – To nail hockey-stick growth requires nailing your positioning

This quote from my interview with Alex Theuma, CEO of SaaStock, represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 

When I asked him about examples of SaaS companies that nailed predictable traction and what made the difference, this is what he answered:

The ones that get it right have this super laser focus on their ICP. A bonus to that would be around positioning. We’ve seen how that’s transformed companies. An example would be DocSend (they got bought by Dropbox). The thing that created their inflection point after many years and +1 million ARR was when they nailed their positioning. And that caused them to get their hockey stick growth.

Here’s the thing

What Alex points out articulates the foundational ingredients that separate remarkable SaaS businesses from the rest.

Underestimating the power of crystal-clear segmentation and crisp positioning makes everything harder – not only in marketing and sales but also in service, customer success, and product development. 

We often believe we should shoot wide – but the opposite is true.

Two things are critical

  1. Understanding you can’t please everyone and 
  2. taking position that makes your SaaS business incomparable

It helps them shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, avoid discounting, and with that, create predictable traction. 

And that enables you to run a healthy business and avoid getting trapped desperately chasing funding. 

Listen to the interview with Alex (the quote starts at the 19.01 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon

What’s holding your SaaS business back from hockey-stick growth? Could it be positioning?


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