🔆 What sparks hockey stick growth?

🔆 What sparks hockey stick growth?

How to avoid the valleys of death in B2B SaaS?

That’s a question I explore with Alex Theuma, Founder and CEO of Saastock. 

TL;DR – Weak positioning is often THE thing that prevents SaaS companies from experiencing hockey stick growth

We discuss the lessons learned from building Europe’s largest B2B SaaS community and zoom into

  • What Alex sees as critical criteria to succeed in this space. 
  • How to start with the right foundation, 
  • What to bet on, and what not, and 
  • How to avoid making the costly mistakes other SaaS founders made. 

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is this

  • Why segmentation and positioning are wrongly undervalued
  • What signals to look for from customers to know you’re on the right track
  • Why each B2B SaaS Founder should build a personal brand 
  • What to do and avoid doing to prevent ending up in the valleys of death

Listen to the podcast interview with Alex.


Question for you to reflect upon:

What do you believe stops your SaaS business from experiencing hockey stick growth?


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