๐Ÿ”† What will your SaaS solution be remembered for?ย 

“It is a gruesome battle that you’re doing when you’re different. But the world doesn’t move forward with better. The world takes leaps thanks to difference.”

This is just one of the topics we explore in this podcast with Ahmed Elsamadisi, CEO of Narrator AI.ย 

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is this:

  • How to approach building a product that solves a problem that’s perceived impossible to solve.ย 
  • The messaging challenges to overcome to create predictable traction.ย 
  • How to create something that’s remembered and makes an impact that serves every stakeholder
  • That the way to explain your solution most clearly is to have your fans do it
  • That what makes you a good company is not what makes you a good investment.

Listen to the podcast

Question for you to reflect upon:

If we fast forward 25 years -What will your SaaS solution be remembered for?ย 


Be Remarkable

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