🔆 What’s slowing down your SaaS business? 

🔆 What’s slowing down your SaaS business? 

“What’s slowing down your SaaS business?”

This was the big question we addressed in last week’s live CEO Mastermind session.

Why? Here’s the thing
Because too often we’re only looking at the opposite question: What can we do to go faster?

The problem with this?
More often than not that’s about doing more, spending more, and working harder

What’s at stake?
– We push and push and push and wear people out along the way
– We still don’t meet our aspired growth because we don’t have an eye for the fundamental roadblocks that we should actually remove

The difficulty?
– Taking a 30000 ft view and seeing the big picture
– Connecting the dots and being open to killing hobby horses

Here are some outcomes from our breakout session

🔥 – Pipeline velocity – What can you do differently to qualify out faster and grow urgency with the right leads
🔥 – Onboarding velocity – What can you do differently to remove more manual steps – and in what order?
🔥 – Product adoption – What can you do differently to help customers achieve ROI faster, to create a pull
🔥 – Upsell potential – What can you do differently development-wise to accelerate releasing monetizable features

The question I want to leave you with to reflect upon:

What’s slowing down the SaaS business you own, run or work for? What could you start today to make it 10% faster?


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