🔆 When prospects become your champions in making a deal happen

One quote from my interview with Chris Dial, CEO of Salutare kept me thinking this week:

“along the way, because we were clear about our mission, very open about wanting to help and not trying to take advantage of situations as they came up, but really tried to partner with the hospitals – we developed a lot of friends on the other side who coached us.

You don’t always realize that it can also be quite frustrating for them. I mean, you have a nice piece of technology, you demonstrate integrity, you are doing everything you can – and they want to deploy your software. But they also have stakeholders they have to consider and rules they have to follow. But we all have to get there together”

Here’s the thing
Predictable traction starts when we stop selling, and prospects start buying. When they are so convinced that ‘this’ is what they need, no matter what. When they’re finishing your sentences with arguments of why and how this is going to make the difference to them.

Once that happens – you’ll experience pull – and everything will become easier.

Question for you to reflect upon
If you look at your private life – when was the last time someone didn’t have to sell because you were pulling it out of their hands? What made the difference here – and more importantly, how can you orchestrate that in your SaaS business tomorrow?


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