🔆 Why concentrating SaaS segmentation on demographics is dangerous

🔆 Why concentrating SaaS segmentation on demographics is dangerous

Most organizations want growth, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. However, the way they go about it is radically different.

We all know this, but more often than not, we forget this in our Go To Market. And that’s costly.

Imagine your loading your SaaS pipeline with organizations of similar size, the same industry, and from the same region.

  • Type A Organizations: They operate top-down, are heavily process-oriented, have a departmental focus, and are eager to optimize the current state.
  • Type B Organizations: They support bottom-up initiatives, are outcome-oriented, encourage cross-departmental synergies, and strive for continuous improvement.

Even though they look the same on the outside, they act incredibly different on the inside. 

The consequence: With one category, you’ll like experience that deals are slipping, poor win rates, high discounts, project overruns, resource shortage, too high churn, and overtime profitability issues.

With the other category, you’ll experience the opposite: rapid sales cycles, high win rates, premium deal values, seamless implementation, resourcefulness, fans & ambassadors, and high gross margin. 

The critical takeaway: No organization is the same, wants or acts the same.

Remarkable SaaS companies understand they can’t please everyone. They zoom in on all the non-obvious characteristics of their ideal customers – and use that to their advantage. 


Question for you to reflect upon

If you review your last five wins and losses – what differences did you experience in what they wanted or cared about? 


Be Remarkable

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