🔆 "Yes, sure, we think it's important to fail and learn"

“Yes, sure, we think it’s important to fail and learn”

….It’s easily said – but do we really mean it?

I see soo many B2B SaaS businesses being overwhelmed, chasing unrealistic targets, hoping next quarter will be better, widening their focus rather than tuning it, and so on…

We push, push, and push even more. But are we doing enough to learn from our failures?

What if we’d plan regular time to reflect, do a retrospective, and understand what’s actually going on?

🤔 – What was accomplished and that we should be celebrating?
🤔 – What went differently from what we expected?
🤔 – What can we learn from this?

What if we’d capture all this knowledge and share it?

Question for you to reflect upon:

When was the last time you deeply assessed what went differently from expected? What can you learn from that?


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