🔆 Your ICP: Have you got clear what they deeply aspire?

🔆 Your ICP: Have you got clear what they deeply aspire?

Let’s zoom into the definition of segmentation:
‘Market segmentation seeks to identify targeted groups of consumers to tailor products and branding in a way that is attractive to the group.’

If this is the definition, how come so many SaaS companies forget to bring possibly the most ‘attractive’ ingredient into the Segmentation cocktail: What they deeply aspire?

Wouldn’t it be most effective to spell that out rather than stick to just the demographics and firmographics that don’t do anything with their emotion?

Let me give an example.

Imagine you are the CEO of a B-corp or Social Impact company, and you’re looking for a solution that will help improve the impact your people can make – individually and as a team.

You meet with two SaaS vendors and ask them to tell a bit more about what type of customers their solution is best suited for. Two answers follow:

🤔 – “It’s an Employee Participation for startups and privately owned mid-sized companies across Europe” or
🤔 – “It’s an Employee Participation Platform for organizations who want to create meaningful impact with teams of heroes.”

Which vendor would you think: “OMG, they get me….”

The only difference is that you move the focus from you to them.
Instead of explaining your ideal customers’ profile in factual terms that they don’t care about, you bring what they deeply aspire to into the mix.

That works like a magnet – before you even have to position yourself.

Just think about it. We all talk about our ICP – Ideal Customer Profile. But all too often, we forget to bring ingredients like this that define perfectly (in their terms) what makes them your ideal customer.

What makes them ‘ideal’ is that they desire something that’s both valuable and critical to them. Something that you exceed their expectations on.

So my question for you to reflect upon:

Assessing your ICP with this lens: What are the three things they all deeply aspire?


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