🔆 Lessons from 30,000+ hours on standing out

I’ve spent 30,000+ hours to learn how to stand out in the B2B SaaS market, so you don’t have to.

Here are the 12 most valuable lessons I learned:

1 – Getting clear on what makes your SaaS stand out is 70% job done.

2 – The bigger the market, the more you benefit from NICHING DOWN.

3 – Getting noticed by the right customers starts by being clear about who you are NOT for.

4 – Sell the holiday, not the flight. Meaning, your SaaS needs to sell the idea, not the product.

5 – Offering benefits is not enough. You have to create DESIRE.

6 – “Better” has no appeal. It’s invisible to the customer. Aim to be DIFFERENT.

7 – If you don’t define your position in the market, someone else will define it for you.

8 – Selling B2B software doesn’t mean avoiding emotions. In fact, they’re your strongest weapon.

9 – If the value is irresistible, even the smallest SaaS vendors will make the biggest SaaS vendors qualify out of the sales process.

10 – The SaaS vendors that grow faster than anyone else tell relevant stories that your Target Customers will remember.

11 – It’s not about what YOU tell the market, or how often. It’s about what your CUSTOMERS tell their peers, and for how long.

12 – You won’t help your customers by beating around the bush. Say openly what they need to hear.

Question for you to reflect upon

What makes your SaaS product stand out?  How well do your customers understand that?


Be Remarkable


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