3 Ways Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Win Clients

3 Ways Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Win Clients

There comes a time in the life of every salesperson when you solve a problem so horrendous, you remember why you got into the business in the first place. You, as the salesperson, inevitably remember the pleasure part of the story — that part where you get to save the day. Yet, what you should be focusing on is the pain that preceded that pleasure.

Similarly, your customers can’t feel good about your services if they haven’t felt the pain of their absence beforehand.

Reminds Clients of Their Worst Fears

Humans have extremely short memories. When we feel well, we often can’t remember how it felt when we were sick. If you’ve never had food poisoning, you may not know how horrible it feels — unless someone explains it to you in full detail.

Sometimes you need to remind your customers of the reasons they need your services. While telling them is somewhat effective, you’ll want to show them your value to really make an impact. You may need to explain some of your current customers’ worst experiences to show potential clients why they need you.

One way to show your clients why they need you is to weave a story that begins with, “Imagine if your biggest competitor did x, y or z.” People are motivated by loss more than they are by gain. If they feel as though their competitor might take a chunk of their market, they’re more likely to act.

Proves Your Experience

When Captain Sully successfully landed a commercial plane on the Hudson River in one of the most famous emergency landings of all time, he didn’t guess that a water landing was his best option. He knew a water landing was his only option. Sully had previously been an air traffic controller, specializing in assisting pilots in emergency landings.

He’d experienced the worst happen time and time again, so he knew how to handle a plane in an emergency. This applies to you as well. No one wants to do business with someone who hasn’t “been through the fire” yet.

Places a Value on Your Services

Customers want to know why they should pay you to do something than can do for themselves for free. Horror stories can help you place a value on your services. This is the same reason why people purchase insurance — the fear of what could happen if they don’t have insurance outweighs the price of their premium.

There are factors that are completely outside of your customers’ control that they should be worried about too. Shifts in the economy and customer demand can all affect your clients.

While you shouldn’t go overboard, these stories are a great way to show your customers the true value of your services.


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