5 Signs You're Losing Real Value in the Sales Cycle

Struggling to seal the deal? You’re not alone. The majority of salespeople are pitching all wrong. Here are five signs you are losing value in the sales cycle — and the steps you can take to become a killer seller.

1. You Brag Instead of Pitch

Nobody likes a bragger. You might think your product or company is pretty awesome, but tone down the sales spiel — it could seriously damage sales. There’s a fine line between promotion and arrogance, so keep things simple! Customers can detect outlandish claims a mile off, so focus on the customer, and showcase the value of your product without coming across like a jerk.

2. You Confuse Features for Benefits

Your software might have a thousand features, but how do these relate to the customer? Instead of covering every detail in your sales pitch, focus on just the benefits. In particular, how your software will solve the customer’s biggest and most urgent problem. For example, if you’re trying to sell a marketing automation program to a retail business, showcase benefits like customer retention, increasing ‘perfect order’ rate, or how you’ll help increase revenue.

3. You Rely on the “Hard Sell”

Customers hate high-pressure sales tactics. They might feel compelled to purchase your product on the spot or think you’re just looking for a quick buck. Hard selling is a no-no. Research shows it results in poor-quality sales, disgruntled customers and unhappy employees. Don’t panic if customers say they need to “think about it” at the end of your pitch. If your presentation inspired, you don’t even have to sell, they’ll buy from you.

4. You Neglect to Promote the Big Idea

Customers prefer a “value exchange” — when both vendor and buyer benefit from an interaction. Instead of reeling off a list of features, connect the dots and promote the big picture value. For example, what’s the core thing your customers need to learn about your product to change their perception? What’s the big idea you want them to take away from your sales pitch? Answering these questions will help you deliver a better presentation.

5. You Don’t Knock It Out the Park

If customers see another five vendors after your sales pitch, will they still remember your presentation? Unless you really delivered, they probably won’t. Going forward, focus on making pitches more exciting and meaningful. Establish a connection with your audience, present solutions instead of features and manage objections. Get it right and prospects will never forget your product.

These five warning signs tell you it’s time to switch up your sales tactics. Making a few changes to the way you deliver your marketing message could provide you with a massive return on your investment. A more effective presentation will lead to higher win-rates, higher deal-values and often even shorter sales-cycles.


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