9 Ways AI Augments My Business and Life on a Daily Basis

As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable resource. So, to get the most out of it, you better challenge yourself to see how and where technology can help you gain more time.

However, as an advocate of disruptive technologies, I am constantly exploring how new solutions and artificial intelligence can not only streamline my business but also be far more impactful. And I can tell you, it’s fascinating to see the effect. So, here are the eight AI-powered products that help me reach my business goals.


4 AI apps that help me free up more hours in a day:


1. Amy

Amy (X.ai) takes away the hassle of scheduling meetings with my clients. By simply cc’ing Amy in the email, I kick off the conversation to schedule a meeting. It’s like magic. The result? A meeting simply arrives in my agenda, with the right people and all the required instructions.


2. Otter.AI

I run weekly interviews on my podcast. To create the most relevant intros to the podcast and the blogs I publish about it, I need a transcript.

Here’s where AI has tremendous value. I use Otter.AI, with fabulous results. It automatically transcribes all the Zoom meetings I do, plus my podcast interviews. The accuracy is virtually perfect, saving hours of time every week, and giving me a searchable trackrecord of all the meetings I had.


3. Fireflies.AI

This app I use for meetings where I don’t need the full transcript as it actually creates a summary of my calls including all the action items. This is particularly useful for meetings that last more than 30-45 minutes!


4. Nebo

When I am on the road or doing reflection, I often use my iPad to make notes. For that, I rely on Nebo, which turns my handwriting into typed notes in seconds. This saves me time getting from thinking to action. It’s fascinating how it reacts to what you write and what happens when you make corrections. Very clever.


4 AI tools that help me make a bigger impact:


1. Boomerang

Let’s start with the most basic, but pretty handy one: email communication. In the prospecting phase, it’s key to write emails in a way that guarantees the reader will open them, receive the right message and take action.

Boomerang for Gmail analyzes every email I write and scores it in real time based on these criteria. When I rethink and adjust, I’ve realized I produce better results! This is a high potential one for everybody. Since we all like to get less email, the ones we do get should be short, to the point and actionable.


2. Nudge.AI

Being a solo entrepreneur means keeping the pipeline full. So it’s not only about executing top-notch customer projects but also building and strengthening relationships with potential new customers.

Here’s where Nudge.AI has become very helpful. It’s LinkedIn on steroids – especially when you share your network with other ‘collaborators.’ It tells me which relations are strengthening and weakening to keep me hyper-focused on what matters most.


3. Grammarly

A big part of my creative work is content creation – for my clients and for building my brand. Since I am not a native English speaker, I rely on Grammarly to help me to write like a pro. Invaluable.


4. Frase

My strategic product marketing services require doing research on market trends, competitive insights, and customer needs or requirements. But research takes a big portion of the hours in every project. Here’s where I have started to use Frase.IO with fantastic results.

Frase allows content creators to research while writing a document. It brings the most relevant sources to the surface, summarizing them and adding them to my content with one click.

Frase can even create an outline in seconds, complete with details, facts and statistics on a complex subject. This allows me to be more accurate while cutting down the hours of research required. This translates into time savings and the best results for my clients!


5. CliClap

A recent solution I started to use fits in this category – it’s CliClap, a content recommendation tool on my website. First of all, for me it’s does magic since I don’t have to break my head any more about what content to put where on my website. However, more importantly, visitors to my site get highly personalized (and accurate) recommendations on content ‘surprisingly’ relevant for them. Therefore it’s both a time-saver and tool that augments me with intelligence that helps me grow my business.


Think Beyond Just Automation: Think Augmentation


How can technology be an asset to you? How can it help you to not only be more efficient but also deliver more impact?

From my experience automation is one thing as it frees you up, but intelligence augmentation is where the real value comes in. It blends the power of machines with the power of human, to deliver results we could not imagine possible up to a couple of years ago.

And the good thing, the tools I am using require absolutely no implementation time. The complement the tools I already used. So what stops you? Try them out and take your impact to the next level as well.