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🔆 What accelerates the sales process?

What inspires me in the B2B software space is ‘What accelerates the sales process?’
Many things influence it – positive or negative. 
But that’s what makes it fascinating.
People often mention that the best sales processes are those in which a customer has a compelling reason to buy. ...

How to leverage demos to accelerate the B2B SaaS sales process?

Let’s not talk around the subject: Most SaaS demos slow down… or kill your deal…
Why do I say this? Because after decades af monitoring these critical ingredients of the software sales process, here’s what I (sadly enough) keep seeing:
  1. We take ‘product demonstration’ too literal
    ….hence we show menus,

🔆  How to accelerate SaaS sales?

I get a lot of questions from SaaS CEOs about how they can accelerate sales.
Focus on the process?
Focus on the product?
Accelerating SaaS sales is all about leveraging people skills
Throughout my career in B2B software sales, I’ve been intrigued that some sales processes took 12-18 months to close while other deals could close in weeks. ...

🔆 What accelerates sales beyond just a good SaaS product

Key takeaway: Remarkable experience arises when the power of your SaaS product gets amplified beyond the product.
Too often, we believe what our customers buy is just our product. 
They’re not – they buy the whole experience. It is about the sum of all the components that help them make the biggest possible difference.  ...

🔆 How to scale sales?

I’ve interviewed well over 20 B2B SaaS CEOs over the past two months about some vulnerable questions: 
  • If you could wave a wand – what would you change about your business?
  • What do you believe is holding the business back?
  • What do you fear? 

How to avoid making costly mistakes in your B2B SaaS sales qualification process? Exploring the issue with Qualification in B2B SaaS midmarket + up, and what to do about it.

Let’s imagine you got your ICP right. Does this solve the problem? The answer is no – it helps a lot – but there’s still traps you can fall into. What those traps are – and how you can avoid them is what I focus on in this essay. I’ll dive deep into the art of qualification in B2B SaaS – ...

🔆 Leveraging demos to increase sales momentum

It’s always fascinated me how a single demo can make a difference in the sales process – IF done correctly.
But what is the ‘correct’ way? 
I reflected on that this morning – analyzing my experiences from dozens of workshops and Sales Pitch battles. And here’s my summary of the top 10 ingredients:
  1. It hooks the viewer by diving straight into the essence of the problem while putting it in the context of an urgent situation.

🔆 Boosting SaaS sales this quarter

“How can I accelerate the sales process around some of my critical SaaS deals?
That’s a question I got a good month ago from one of my customers, a founder of a B2B SaaS business in the US. I decided to answer this question in detail in my monthly Essay
Here’s the summary of the 10 steps I zoomed in on. ...