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"Creating Predictable Traction"

🔆 Creating Defensible differentiation

“How to create defensible differentiation?”
It’s one of the most valuable questions to answer for a SaaS founder. 
Here’s why:
If your product is hard to copy:
  • You have a market access advantage over alternative solutions
  • You have a resource advantage over alternative solutions
  • You have a price advantage over alternative solutions
Defensible differentiation is what I always look for in my (re)positioning projects. ...

🔆 Creating a track record of consistently beating expectations

Being obsessed with value is good – the question is – which value?
You have the B2B SaaS CEOs that are talking a lot about
  • the valuation of their company in two or three years  
  • the value of the funding they just received
  • the value of becoming a unicorn fast
  • the value of the people they know 
  • the value of their aspired exit
  • ………………………………….

🔆 Creating fans, not just users

“Fundamentally, we’re changing the way that a business thinks about building its product.”
This is the essence of my interview with Jonathan Anderson, CEO of Candu.
We explore what’s holding a lot of software vendors back from shipping products to market and achieving high adoption rates
Next, ...

🔆 Creating energy at all levels of your Sales funnel

As you have noticed, I’ve written a number of times about demand creation in the past weeks. Last week I highlighted the power of Narrative design – and that drove some inspiring discussions.
What I realized is how little is known about it – hence a bit more on Narrative Design today., ...

🔆 Capturing vs Creating demand

Jason Lemkin recently posted this.
Dear startups looking for an excuse:
I know many categories of software that right now have weakened demand. It can be hard out there.
But … I know exactly 0 categories of software that have 0 demand
Just go sell something
It made me smile – ...

#256 – Jay Bartot, CEO Zeitworks – on creating SaaS businesses that stand the test of time  A story about how to avoid starting a SaaS business that will fail.

We explore what’s broken in the way businesses are leveraging automation. Jay explains that before you can automate something, you have to understand it. And that’s exactly where most companies are going dark. He shares his big lessons learned to create defensible differentiation and what thread is constantly looking for to build a business that grows predictable traction from the start. ...

How to create predictable traction in a new SaaS category? A 6-step approach to say good-bye to the unpredictable traction in your business.

You start with a big idea, something that will create a shift in value in the market. And you create a product that once customers see in action, they can’t imagine a life without. 
The typical reaction you get: “I’d never even imagined this was possible – let alone thinking there were solutions out there I could even buy.” ...