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"Creating our Value proposition"

#313 – Theo Saville, CEO CloudNC – on creating leverage in SaaS Sales & Marketing  A story about a startup that built its own factory to solve a trillion-dollar manufacturing problem.

We explore what’s broken in today’s manufacturing world and how that’s growing to a $400 billion industry. Theo shares his journey of solving a complex problem in a very unusual – but effective way. He elaborates how they’re looking for leverage in everything – and how that’s led to using video marketing to get over 10M+ impressions a month – ...

🔆 Unexpected by-products of a strong value proposition

Yesterday, I got involved in a heated discussion about Value Propositions and spotted a big misconception.
Many people’s perception of value propositions is that they help in marketing and sales. 
It’s logical, and obviously, it’s factually 100% correct. 
But we’d do ourselves a disfavor if we left it here.  ...

🔆 Creating energy at all levels of your Sales funnel

As you have noticed, I’ve written a number of times about demand creation in the past weeks. Last week I highlighted the power of Narrative design – and that drove some inspiring discussions.
What I realized is how little is known about it – hence a bit more on Narrative Design today., ...

🔆 The value foundation of your SaaS business

The coming week it’s precisely three years ago I published my book “The Remarkable Effect.” It was the remarkable date: 2/2/2020.
Recently, I recorded a testimonial with Michiel Schipperus, former-CEO of Sana Commerce, about the Value Proposition project we’d completed just before I published my book. And that’s where he said something surprising about something he learned. ...

#248 – Matt Ostanik, CEO Grateful – on creating a sustainable network effect A story about how blending social and business impact can create a remarkable effect.

We explore what’s missing in the way we build SaaS businesses. Matt shares his vision of how creating social and business impact amplifies each other when done well. He shares his lessons learned in creating successful SaaS businesses that leverage the power of the network effect. Last but not least, he provides his views on raising the bar for impact in SaaS companies.  ...

Designing your SaaS business to create predictable traction. A 3-layer approach to reliably grow market traction for your Sales-led SaaS product

Getting traction is challenging in various stages of your business. Keeping it and making it remarkable is even more challenging.
It’s not only essential that traction starts (which is hard enough). It’s even more important that it grows and never stops doing so. Unfortunately, the latter part is where most SaaS companies suffer.  ...

🔆 Being in our bubble is more damaging than we think….

This week I heard three stories about the challenges that B2B SaaS CEOs had got into that all three originated from ‘being in their bubble.’
The sneaky thing is: that we all think we’re not in a bubble and have adequate measures to avoid it. This is what I hear very often:
  1. ‘we’re creating a culture around curiosity.’