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How to embrace a demand creation strategy that works The art of demand generation in B2B SaaS

Far too often, we’re just capturing demand rather than creating it. That’s OK when the market conditions are favorable, but you’ll be the first to get harmed when the market isn’t favorable.
That doesn’t have to be. And that’s exactly why I wrote this essay. To dig into the question: How to fuel a dependable stream of demand for your SaaS product in good and bad times? ...

🔆 Creating energy at all levels of your Sales funnel

As you have noticed, I’ve written a number of times about demand creation in the past weeks. Last week I highlighted the power of Narrative design – and that drove some inspiring discussions.
What I realized is how little is known about it – hence a bit more on Narrative Design today., ...

🔆 Waking your ideal customers up

To me, the most important component in demand creation is Narrative design. And here’s why: the leverage of storytelling.
It’s a perfect framework to sell the idea, not the product (see chapter #9 in my book, The Remarkable Effect). 
  1. It wakes people up by evoking an emotional response in your audience.

🔆 How many people need your SaaS – but don’t realize it yet?

Many B2B SaaS confuse demand capture for demand creation – simply because they believe they’re trying to generate interest for their product. 
But there’s a core difference that is important to understand. Let me explain:
  • Demand Creation is about
    • Creating a new market or expanding an existing one. 

How to avoid stagnation of your SaaS business? Stagnation - it sneaks up on you, but how? 

Stagnation – it’s a complex topic that’s very much driven by factors out of your control. There are the many dynamics that characterize your market: the cyclical shifts, perhaps unexpected economic shocks, structural factors such as demographics and globalization, etcetera. 
The fact is – these can not be excuses for allowing stagnation to happen in your SaaS business.  ...

How to create remarkable traction in a new SaaS category?

You start with a big idea, something that will create a shift in value in the market. And you create a product that once customers see in action, they can’t imagine a life without. 
The typical reaction you get: “I’d never even imagined this was possible – let alone thinking there were solutions out there I could even buy.” ...