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🔆 Funding vs Bootstrapping LinkedIn posts in the past few days gave me a bad taste of how some people think about “Bootstrapping.”
“Lower ambitions…,” “Always poor…,” “Not capable of growing fast,” – that kind of stuff.
I’ve said it before – and I’ll repeat it: Bootstrapping is the wrong name for the big idea behind it. ...

🔆 Funding desperation

Last week, I had a Zoom call with a SaaS CEO from Boston, MA, and she asked me, ‘I see you’re talking more these days about Funding Freedom – what is that all about?’
And she’s right – I have dropped that phrase more than once in the last two months.  ...

🔆 You’ve got funding! Now what?

It’s an ongoing conversation amongst all the start- & scale-ups I work with: Funding. 
And it’s fascinating what it does with companies.
Some need funding to meet ends
Some need funding to accelerate growth and scale.
No matter the reason – the first thought is always “Done! ...

🔆 Raise funding or bet on bootstrapped?

It’s a question many B2B SaaS companies ponder.
In last week’s SaaS CEO Mastermind, we dove into this question as we studied a successful bootstrapped SaaS business.
This question triggered me.
Looking back at the past 11 years, was there a time when raising funds could have helped us reach our goals faster?’ ...

🔆 Outperforming growth expectations without relying on external funding

What does it take to bootstrap your SaaS business to +$20 million?
That’s a question I explore with Greg Blazewicz, CEO of SALESmanago.
In this interview, Greg shares his big lessons learned to build a business with staying power and how he found his own way of doing it instead of blindly following the advice and rules of people outside the company. ...

How to avoid getting caught in the vicious cycle of desperately chasing SaaS funding?

If you look at the funding needs of your SaaS business – is it driven by desperation or from a source of strength? Answering the question is an easy one. It’s a feeling that’s pretty black or white. For many SaaS founders, unfortunately, the feeling is one of increased desperation. The pressure to meet expectations often forces us to make decisions to fix the short term, ...

🔆 Change your mindset about funding

I asked a 4-times tech-founder for his view on funding. And his answer is worth sharing.
“Funding is really not a good model for an innovator. You may have an idea, and you know that to complete that idea, you’re going to need $10 million. But if you decide to raise that $10 million because you’re in the valley, ...