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πŸ”† How to stand out at a massive SaaS conference?Β 

“Ton, we’re participating in a large Cyber Security conference in London; what can we do differently to stand out?”
This question is one I recently explored with one of my customers.
What came out of our exploration is worth sharing – cause simply copying what’s on your website isn’t going to work. ...

πŸ”† How to stand out in a crowded SaaS Conference?

One of my customers told me about a CyberSecurity conference they participated in last week.
“Attracting attention proved to be very challenging,” he said.
“We were in the Startup pavilion – So much noise – it was very hard to stand out.”
The key question then becomes: What can you do differently to stand out? ...

πŸ”† Stand out in a way that’s defensible

I’ve spent 30.000+ hours learning how to create a SaaS company that stands out in a way that’s very hard to copy.
So, I decided to write down what I learned – so you don’t have to.
Here are the 10 most valuable lessons I learned:
  1. The number of patents you collect is worthless if you can’t show your customers why they should care about them.

πŸ”† Lessons from 30,000+ hours on standing out

I’ve spent 30,000+ hours to learn how to stand out in the B2B SaaS market, so you don’t have to.
Here are the 12 most valuable lessons I learned:
1 – Getting clear on what makes your SaaS stand out is 70% job done.
2 – The bigger the market, ...

πŸ”† Standing out takes courage.

When I speak to SaaS professionals about ‘standing out,’ virtually everyone nods this is what they want.Β 
If they all want it, why is it that only so few SaaS companies do stand out?
The thought kept me thinking as I enjoyed an espresso in my garden this morning.Β  ...

#254 – Rafi Wadan, CEO Stargazr – on standing out in the very crowded FP&A category A story about using augmentation to solve 6+ figure bottlenecks in a fraction of the time

We explore what’s broken in the way manufacturing companies make decisions. Rafi shares his lessons learned on creating predictable traction in the highly competitive category of FP&A. He tells stories about how niching down helped scale faster and help deliver remarkable results in a matter of 30 days. Last but not least, ...

πŸ”† Leveraging framework + product to stand out

For any startup, the first critical challenge to overcome is: How to gain our first +100 customers.
One quote from my interview with Patrick Woods, CEO of Orbit, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth paying attention to.
It therefore underpins my reflection for today.