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🔆 What’s your approach towards profitability?

We all agree that profitability is essential.
Profitability is the thing to optimize to run a sustainable SaaS business. 
It’s even more critical now that funding options to increase runway have become increasingly challenging for many SaaS businesses.
But that’s not what this reflection is about. ...

How to create defensible differentiation in your SaaS business?

How to create defensible differentiation?  It’s one of the most valuable questions to answer for a SaaS founder.
Here’s why:
If your product is hard to copy:
You have a market access advantage over alternative solutions
You have a resource advantage over alternative solutions
You have a price advantage over alternative solutions

🔆 The mistakes made in search of defensible differentiation

As I was writing my essay about defensible differentation, a couple of people asked me: What are the typical mistakes SaaS companies make in search of Defensible Differentiation?
To answer that, let’s first define the term:
Defensible differentiation in SaaS refers to unique features, services, or other aspects that set a SaaS business apart from its competitors and that cannot be easily replicated.  ...

How to approach SaaS pricing if you want customers to happily pay a premium

One of the biggest problems I see B2B SaaS companies struggle with is the wrong debates about their pricing.
The value delivered is often entirely out of sync with the charged price. And with that, the bulk of SaaS companies leave money on the table.
In this blog I address the challenge: how to approach pricing if you want customers to happily pay a premium? ...

Designing your SaaS business to create predictable traction. A 3-layer approach to reliably grow market traction for your Sales-led SaaS product

Getting traction is challenging in various stages of your business. Keeping it and making it remarkable is even more challenging.
It’s not only essential that traction starts (which is hard enough). It’s even more important that it grows and never stops doing so. Unfortunately, the latter part is where most SaaS companies suffer.  ...

🔆  What risks are your ideal customers most sensitive about?

In the past weeks, I’ve reflected several times on the essential ingredients for building the perfect Segmentation cocktail. Today I’ll address the final ingredient: What risk do they tolerate?
Naming it – and then acting on it makes all the difference.
Somehow most of the SaaS vendors I see want to sell to the innovators, ...