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"Mastering Positioning"

🔆 Mastering the power of surprise

In my book The Remarkable Effect, I talk a lot about becoming a business people start talking about and keep talking about.
Obviously, there’s a lot to it that’s fundamental i.e. part of your SaaS business’ DNA, i.e., your product strategy, your segmentation, your positioning, your value prop, ...

🔆 How to fuel profitable growth?

Last week I spoke to two B2B SaaS founders who’re both seriously considering going 100% bootstrapped because ‘the VC path doesn’t feel good at the moment, and it’s to be seen whether getting funding will succeed at all, given the current climate.’
These two founders are not alone. It’s been a big topic for 2023 so far.  ...

4 Differences Between a Sales Pitch and a Business Proposal

Some people may think that a sales pitch and a business proposal are the same thing; however, they are different stages in proactive sales.
There are four fundamental differences, which I am outlining below. Knowing these differences can help you make a more significant impact.
The Art of Communication: Written vs. ...