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🔆 How to engineer Word of Mouth through Product Strategy?

If you’d assess all the SaaS products you use on a given day, which is your favorite? 
Why’s that the case? What makes it your favorite? 
Often (at least, that’s the case for me), it’s because it’s there for you at the moment it matters. Some, not all, features stand out and have become highly valuable to you. ...

🔆  Product strategy choices that accelerate traction

It’s amazing how many SaaS traction challenges start from one root cause
Assuming delivering table stakes is enough.
When I asked Dror Talisman, CEO of NeuroBrave what drives his product development and GTM decisions, he answered this:
Most of our competitors today (and I am talking about wearables and smartwatches) will give you stress tracking. ...

#186 – How seemingly subtle product strategy decisions can set you apart in a big way An interview with Surbhi Rathore, Co-Founder, and CEO of Symbl

We explore what’s broken in the way we communicate and collaborate digitally. We discuss what is required to capitalize on the potential of human intellect by making collaboration effortless. We also address the tough choices Surbhi made in not going with the flow – but instead taking a radically different approach to solving the big problem in the market. ...

Product Strategy: Why your product roadmap fails to deliver remarkable value A review of 8 common challenges

In my day to day work with business software vendors I see and review many roadmaps and the result of introducing it to the market. Any vendor carefully prepares its roadmap with the goal to deliver something remarkable – sometimes big and revolutionary, often smaller, but not less important.
When I was responsible for the product strategy of the international flagship products at Unit4, ...

#51 – Product Strategy: How to create triple digit ROI by applying AI and Machine Learning to our most common challenges. An interview with Richard Boyd, CEO of Tanjo AI

This podcast interview focuses on product strategy principles that, if applied, have the power to deliver transformative innovation with triple-digit ROI. My guest is Richard Boyd, CEO at Tanjo.AI.
Over the last twenty-six years, Richard has led or helped create some of the most innovative game technology companies in the industry. ...

#36 – Product Strategy: How AI can help our productivity quadruple by transforming counterproductive habits An interview with Nadja Muller, Founder and CEO of iThrive

This podcast is about product strategy and my guest on the podcast is Nadja Muller, Founder and CEO of iThrive, a personal coach on your smartphone that helps you to transform counterproductive habits on order to thrive.
It’s a common fact healthy and happy employees are generally more productive, ...

Simple Steps to Create a Killer Software Product Strategy

Why do some software products make it to market while others flop in the development stage? (Interestingly, 14 percent of all IT projects fail, according to the Project Management Institute.) One of the reasons is that many developers lack a proper software product strategy — they have no roadmap to follow, ...