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🔆 What irresistible value can you prove in minimal time?

My post from last Friday, “Proof of Concept or Proof of Failure…?” triggered some valuable reactions.
Neal Bastick, CEO of XLeap shared this
“My experience is indeed that the first phase of a project as a “pilot” can prove self-defeating, especially when it involves some form of change management. ...

🔆 Proof of Concept or Proof of Failure…

SaaS Proof of Concept bakes in failure from the start
One question many B2B SaaS businesses get is “Can we do a (free) POC?”
And although it might sound like a sign of purchase intent, it rarely is ….
Yesterday we decided to dive deeply into this topic in my SaaS CEO mastermind. ...

🔆 Are startups today more recession-proof than startups from the 80s/90s?

Are startups today more recession-proof than startups from the 80s/90s?
This intriguing question was posted yesterday by Phillip Swan on the community platform I run. It got me thinking a lot.
Are they?
If so – what’s driving this?
If not – how come?
And is that something to be concerned about with a recession looming and many of these teams have never lived through an extended period of global stagnation? ...

#189 – Value creation isn’t often so much about the accuracy of your technology, but how useful it is in the eyes of the user An interview with Ivy Mahsciao, Founder and CEO of evrmore

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help young people speak their truths and tap into their superpowers. My guest is Ivy Mahsciao, Founder and CEO of evrmore.

Ivy is a champion for human potential who has a 20+ year background in consumer psychology and product science, ...

Who needs a proof of concept?

The past week I had several conversations about the good and the bad of ‘Proof of Concepts (PoCs).’
PoC’s have their place and are hard to avoid unless you have grown beyond a certain threshold – for example, younger startups with zero references.
But beyond that, to me, Proof of Concept is an excuse. ...

How to create a B2B SaaS Value Proposition that works. The steps on how to write a Value Proposition for your Sales-led SaaS business, and how to evaluate it

How to create a Value Proposition for your Sales-led SaaS business? Here’s my 5-step SaaS value proposition framework
Now that you understand the importance of a value proposition, and what a strong value proposition has and doesn’t have, now comes the big question: How do you write a good customer value proposition? ...

🔆 Forget the word ‘Demo’.

If you want to accelerate SaaS sales, doing “a demo” is not the answer.
“Can you give me a demo of your product?” they ask.
“Sure!” you instantly say
Proudly you take your MacBook out of your bag, open it, connect to Wifi, enter the URL and fire up your solution. ...

🔆  How to accelerate SaaS sales?

I get a lot of questions from SaaS CEOs about how they can accelerate sales.
Focus on the process?
Focus on the product?
Accelerating SaaS sales is all about leveraging people skills
Throughout my career in B2B software sales, I’ve been intrigued that some sales processes took 12-18 months to close while other deals could close in weeks. ...