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🔆 SaaS Pricing Innovation 

Yesterday’s B2B SaaS CEO mastermind focused on SaaS Pricing Innovation. 
The CEO in the hot seat started, 
“We’re selling a cloud service to governmental agencies in the Health sector. They are allocating budgets per patient. So they’re already in this kind of patient subscription mindset but still have a horrible capital buying structure because they don’t want surprises.” ...

How to approach SaaS pricing if you want customers to happily pay a premium

One of the biggest problems I see B2B SaaS companies struggle with is the wrong debates about their pricing.
The value delivered is often entirely out of sync with the charged price. And with that, the bulk of SaaS companies leave money on the table.
In this blog I address the challenge: how to approach pricing if you want customers to happily pay a premium? ...

🔆 The downside of User-based SaaS pricing

TL;DR – User-based pricing indicates a lack of customer empathy, frustrates everyone, and costs you money.
In my previous job, like all our competitors, we applied user pricing in different flavors: Employee Self Service, Professional users, and Enterprise users.
In short – always debates. No one understood it.
A small local authority typically employed 1000 employees – ...

🔆 Adjust pricing upwards to improve NRR

No matter how good your product-market fit – as conditions in the market change, your customers will reassess their options and determine whether the value they get for the subscriptions they pay is still worth it. 
And this is where adjusting your pricing strategies comes in sight. 
But beware: I am not saying ‘lower your prices.’  ...

How to tune your SaaS roadmap to maximize launch potential.

Recently, Derek Osgood, CEO of Ignite posted this on Linkedin:
80+% of features are never adopted (Pendo)
40+% of new products fail to meet targets (Mckinsey)
I knew the numbers weren’t rosy, but this bad!?! What’s worse – the real impact is way bigger. This is just the tip of the iceberg. ...

How to avoid making costly mistakes in your B2B SaaS sales qualification process? Exploring the issue with Qualification in B2B SaaS midmarket + up, and what to do about it.

Let’s imagine you got your ICP right. Does this solve the problem? The answer is no – it helps a lot – but there’s still traps you can fall into. What those traps are – and how you can avoid them is what I focus on in this essay. I’ll dive deep into the art of qualification in B2B SaaS – ...

🔆 SaaS qualification Mistake #4: Too Early

As you have noticed, this month, I am on a hunt to uncover the mistakes made in SaaS qualification. Here’s another one: Stepping in way too early.
The prospect is not ready at all to make a decision – no matter how compelling our arguments are or how hard we push. ...

🔆 Your current SaaS price list LOWERS potential deal value

In yesterday’s SaaS CEO mastermind, we addressed this question:
Which parts of our product should have a price and which not?
Soon after, the realization was: It’s the wrong question.
Here’s the thing:
Pricing product elements gives the wrong incentive. The focus moves to selling as many as possible ‘modules,’ ...