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How do you know you have a positioning problem for your SaaS product? You may be losing money as a consequence of your positioning. Here’s why.

If everything in your SaaS business goes smoothly, there’s no need to mess around with your Positioning. However, if not, Positioning is a very powerful measure for fixing problems at their core. 
Poor Positioning is not a marketing problem; it is a business strategy problem. It’s often way easier to treat symptoms instead of root problems.   ...

#282 – Stijn Hendrikse,  Author T2D3 – on scaling a B2B SaaS business A story about the the essentials to take B2B SaaS companies into growth stage after finding Product Market Fit.

We explore the big lessons Stijn learned in growing a range of B2B SaaS businesses – and dig into the typical mistakes companies make trying to scale their business too early, too fast.
Stijn discusses his 10-step framework to measure whether you’ve received product market fit and shares his assessment technique to understand whether a SaaS company has future potential or not. ...

#272 – Barrett King, Sr. Manager Global GTM Strategy, Partner Ecosystem at Hubspot – on SaaS Partner Ecosystem Mindset A story about what it takes to build an ecosystem that drives remarkable results

We explore the art of building and managing partnerships in B2B SaaS organizations. Barrett elaborates on the critical components to focus on throughout the acquisition, onboarding, and lifecycle stages of partners. He shares his experience in concurring the complexity of managing partnerships as businesses evolve and the necessity of diversifying these partnerships for mutual benefit. ...

#263 – Nayan Ratandhayara, CEO Shipyaari – on succeeding in bootstrapping a SaaS business A story about building a SaaS business that lasts by blending technology, empathy and novice thinking

We explore how Nayan has been able to build a successful logistics tech business without any logistical experience. He shares how he’s been able to scale his business from 20 to 100 FTE in under 2.5 years and what first principle thinking enabled them to spark growth while the world got into lockdown. ...

🔆 Where’s the biggest scale opportunity inside your SaaS business?

As you’ve likely noticed, the past weeks, I’ve written a lot about a question I get a lot:: ‘How do I rapidly scale my SaaS business?’
Today I’ve published a final long-form blog on this important topic.
I provided seven steps to build the SaaS Scale mindset – and the habits to accelerate your scale journey:
👉 It all starts with alignment
👉 Weed the desire to grow at all cost
👉 Eliminate the trickle-down effect
👉 Cherish Repeatability
👉 Accelerate the process toward repeatability
👉 Fuel the flywheel
👉 Promote autonomy
Every day we have the opportunity to tune how we can scale our SaaS business. ...

Struggling to get your SaaS gross-margins to top 70%?

“Optimizing your costs and expenses is key to building a winning cloud company. In cloud, gross margins measure how effective companies are in delivering their software to customers, and they average 65-70% across company lifetimes.”
Now I completely agree with this – however, I’d like to address an area where I see a lot of SaaS companies negatively impact their margin: The quality of their revenue. ...

Scaling as a SaaS business: How to go about the S of Service?

This month, there’ve been multiple conversations in the CEO Masterminds I run about the second S in SaaS: the S of Service. The essence of the discussions: How to go about Service (Delivery) to accelerate growth, not inhibit it.
I know that the essence of this word is about how the customer receives the solution (as a Service). ...