The Remarkable Effect

The essential book for Tech Entrepreneurs on a mission

10 Traits of Remarkable SaaS businesses

Being remarkable is something that I believe every B2B SaaS company can achieve – that’s why I wrote this book. It helps tech entrepreneurs on a mission like yourself deliver the change they seek to make with even more impact.

It reveals a three-lever framework and the ten traits that define a remarkable SaaS business. Combining the levers together, and closing the gaps on each trait will not only help you stand out in your category but also create exponential value leverage (not just incremental) – hence ‘The Remarkable Effect.’

So, if your goal is to further the business you own, run or work for.
…If you want your SaaS business to get noticed in a dense market.
…If you want to shorten sales cycles, win more, and win bigger and,
…If you want to become immune to future growth plateaus – then I wrote this book for you.

Ready to go on the journey and become the SaaS business no one can ignore?


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The Remarkable Effect

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What B2B SaaS CEOs & experts are saying about the book

Cindy Gordon, CEO Saleschoice

'Your vision for creating Remarkable tech leaders is not just inspiring, it's packed full of authenticity and kindness, with a passion to connect the dots.'

Michel Schipperus, CEO Sana Commerce

'A must-read for SaaS Software leaders that want to “win more, win bigger'

Elena Agaragimova, Founder Bessern

'The book allows you to pause and reflect on your journey as an entrepreneur. An easy read, relatable, and with applicable action steps forward.'

Louis Rosenberg, CEO Unanimous AI

'I firmly believe that the strongest software businesses are those that manage to solve problems in bold new ways, pioneering a new direction that has been overlooked by their industry at large. Ton's book makes that case.'

Scott Sandland, CEO Cyrano AI

'Digestible and actionable. I definitely recommend this book for any tech entrepreneur looking to grow to something beyond cash flow. It's designed for people with larger ambitions than that.'

Jonah Lopin, CEO Crayon

'Read this book if you strive to build something truly great – something that truly stands out.'

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Tomas Ratia, CEO of

'Great technology and product features are not enough to win today. Brand, storytelling, and category definition is what helps you win today. I believe this book is important because it will educate entrepreneurs on the importance of selling an idea, not a product.'

Dr. Diane Hamilton, CEO Tonerra / author of Cracking the Curiosity Code

'Ton's latest book helps to foundationally and strategically improve the way you do business. He shares how to make your organization not only impactful but remarkable!'

Efrem Hoffman, CEO RunningAlpha

'Ton’s three-prong unified approach to re-imagining the value proposition, for creating brands that are ‘remarkable,’ kept me up all night reading his recipe for success in tomorrow's marketplace.'

Judith Rothrock, President of JRocket Marketing

'A must-read for Tech Company Execs!
The Remarkable Effect bridges the strategic marketing gap and serves two core purposes that can really help technology companies win in competitive market places.'

Vinnie Mirchandani, author of SAP Nation 3.0

'A must-read for software entrepreneurs. Very enjoyable and very educational.'



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