A helpful conversation

Product InnovationEarly January I joined ‘The Right Company’, an online community hosted by Bernadette Jiwa who I’d like to refer to as ‘the Female Seth Godin’. In 2019 I experienced the true power of online communities as it provides you with so many new insights, ways to test your ideas, get generous feedback and simply level up.

As I browsed through the themes and conversation streams I got engaged with one on positioning. A specific post caught my attention. A fellow member talked about the problems his clients faced in day to day live and he wondered out loud “How am I going to talk to these clients in my marketing?”

That’s where Bernadette coined the line: “What if you dropped the word ‘marketing’ from your vocabulary and replaced it with ‘ helpful conversation’.”

Spot on! Isn’t ‘the marketing’ we value most the one where we get generous help, where it feels we’re not being talked at, but where we’re actually getting engaged into a conversation that’s meaningful.

There’s a lot to learn from this in the business software industry. And it all starts with this mindset about our role as marketers: Not to market, but to start a helpful conversation.

And what better opportunity to start practicing this right now – when our customers need us most. What can you change today in your messaging that will directly help your customers with the new realities they are challenged with in their business?