A story about pioneering the art of giving delightful experiences without giving up privacy

An interview with Ofer Tziperman, CEO Anagog

A story about pioneering the art of giving delightful experiences without giving up privacy An interview with Ofer Tziperman, CEO Anagog

Product InnovationThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to give us memorable experiences without having to give up our privacy. My guest is Ofer Tziperman, CEO Anagog

He has 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and leader of High Tech private and public companies. He served as the CEO of OTI, a leading developer of
NFC-based payment solutions and as the CEO of Parx, a provider of on-street parking payment solutions. In 2000 Ofer co-founded LocatioNet Systems, a pioneer in the Location-Based Services market. In 2001 the World Economic Forum awarded him in Davos as ‘Technology Pioneer’. Ofer has an LLB Law degree from Tel-Aviv University.

Today Ofer leverages his technology and management experience to drive Anagog’s long term success. Anagog is the developer of JedAI – a patented edge-AI technology that solves the conflicting dilemma of deeply understanding your customers behaviour, create moments of surprise and delight, all without harming their privacy.

This inspired me, and hence I invited Ofer to my podcast. We explore the ever growing need for better experiences and the problems this creates around our privacy: everything we do is tracked and stored somewhere without being in control of it. We discuss the technology answers to this so that we can have the best of all worlds: Better experiences, more surprise and delight, without sharing anything. We also dig into how remarkable products often are the result of many pivots – and what leaders need to do different in order to succeed.

Here are some of his quotes:

‘Everybody trying to understand us, based on our online or digital life. And while 80% of the time we’re actually spending in the real world. And we have full life in the real world. But it looks like the new technology is only trying to focus on what we are doing online.

It looks like everybody in the attempt of trying to understand us in a more personal way. They forgot that we have private Life.

We all feel a little bit uncomfortable with the question: “what exactly does Google know about me, or Apple, or Facebook? And at some point, some of us actually gave up.

We are actually trying to roll it back and to say, “guys, there is an option that only our phone will know everything about you, and it will never leave your phone.” So, in a way, we try to change everything upside down.’

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. That a major opportunity to truly understand your ideal customer is found in understanding what they do ‘off-line’
  2. Why transformation starts when we ask ourselves propelling questions that combine both a bold aspiration with a significant constraint
  3. How we can make our solutions memorable by focusing less on fixing gaps, and more on creating peaks i.e. moments of surprise and delight.
  4. That opportunity starts when you manage to do something which is very difficult i.e. when others are not able to do that.

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