#217 - Amir Konigsberg, CEO Pragma AI - on creating a SaaS business that's built to last

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This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to ace customer interactions and accelerate revenue. My guest is Amir Konigsberg, Co-founder, and CEO of Pragma AI

Amir Konigsberg

Amir is a Tel Aviv-based tech entrepreneur with vast experience seeding, building, and leading technology-driven companies, taking products to market and growing them into multimillion-dollar revenue-generating global businesses.

He’s founded, led, and held leadership roles at Twiggle, Israel Brain Technologies, mySupermarket, HourOne, CodeScan, Google, and General Motors. Amir holds a Ph.D. in Rationality and is the author of 18 US Patents.

Today he’s the CEO of Pragma AI, a startup that was founded to set the stage for a new way of selling. Their mission: keep sales human. 

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Amir to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the way we empower sales today to succeed in a remote-first world. We discuss the art of picking your niche, and what it requires to create something that’s not only used but value differentiated. Amir shares his experience in what it takes to get your messaging right and how to navigate between the signal and the noise as you scale your startup. Last but not least he reveals his insights on what it takes to create a SaaS business that cannot be ignored. 

Here are some of his quotes

“We work very, very closely with customers. And we try and listen as much as we can. And it’s very difficult to do by the way. You say you’re listening, but most of the time, you’re actually you’re looking to get a thumbs up for what you’ve done, because it’s pretty painful when sometimes you don’t hear that. Or sometimes you can hear ‘Thumbs up’ but it’s kind of soft. And what we’re basically looking for, as you do with every startup: ‘We need this. When are you going to deliver this because we can’t live without it!’ “

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to go about crafting your message so that it resonates?
  2. Why you should not rest until you’re certain that what you’re doing is distinct enough to be remarkable, and not just something that people use.
  3. That running a SaaS business is a marathon, not a sprint – and how to go about sustaining yourself and your team to move mountains for a long time
  4. How to find the nuggets to focus on that people are prepared to pay a premium for?

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