#26 - How AI is helping to increase confidence and life quality for all of us

An interview with Anastasia Georgievskaya, General Manager at Youth Laboratories around product innovation that transforms our lives

My guest on the podcast is Anastasia Georgievskaya, General Manager at Youth Laboratories. She’s the co-founder and General Manager at Youth Laboratories, a company developing tools to study aging and discover effective anti-aging interventions using advances in machine vision and artificial intelligence. Anastasia has a degree in bioengineering and bioinformatics from the Moscow State University. She won numerous math and bioinformatics competitions and successfully volunteered for some of the most prestigious companies in aging research including Insilico Medicine, which I interviewed earlier on this podcast about its product innovations.

product innovationShe helped develop an app for tracking age-related facial changes and was one of the driving forces to organize the first beauty competition judged by the robot jury, Beauty.AI.
This inspired me – not because of the topic – but because of the transformational effects technologies such as AI are starting to have on our day to day life. What triggers me is what we could learn from examples like this to inspire other forms of value creation. Hence I invited Anastacia to my podcast. We explore the value of her company’s product innovation beyond the point of beauty. What lessons have been learned, what are the essentials to get right, and is the potential for society at large.

Here are some of Anastasia’s quotes.

The company’s story started with the Beauty.AI contest, and then…It’s a beauty competition judged by Artificial Intelligence, the first one in the world.

We believe that tracking your skin health and the biomarkers that can be seen on your face is very relevant because images are a very cheap source of data and it’s very affordable.

 If you want to track the skin condition and track the dynamics, you need to make sure you can track its in‑dynamics

algorithms can adjust to your baseline, and then you would be able to track the effects of different changes on your skin. For example, your nutrition, your lifestyle, amount of sleep, weather, sports, only you can understand what’s the most beneficial lifestyle for you.

It’s very well‑aligned to the trend of personalization 

During this interview, you will learn three things:

      1. That AI will change our approach to many questions – and as such spark new ideas for creating value we currently don’t have an idea about
      2. Why collaboration is key to not only accelerate the innovation process but more importantly, give you insights to increase the value you offer with your solution
      3. How involving skeptics increase the relevancy and simplicity of your solution.


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