And then, suddenly, ARR growth started to soften..

Every week I speak with many saas-entrepreneurs from around the world.

Chit-chatting away, the answer to the question: “How’s business?” is usually ‘Good! We had the best year ever!’

Then the caveats come: “Well, obviously COVID is still impacting us,” or “competition is pretty fierce,” or “Our brand not that well-known,” “We’re often perceived as too small…,”…..”But our pipeline is bigger than ever before,” they often quickly add.

What they point at is a flattening growth curve. Prospects show indecisiveness. Deals slip. 

What always intrigues me is: “What’s really going on?”

Can we simply blame COVID, size, or lack of brand recognition? Or is something more severe going on?

More often than not, it’s the latter. The recent pandemic just made issues painfully visible.

In a growing market, we can all tag on and grow along with it. But in times of downturn, rules change. The saying “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” becomes the norm. Customers will only shift if they get an advantage that really moves the needle.

This is where problems get visible. The problems from (years of) cutting corners. The problems from profit grabbing

I hear plenty of opposite stories as well. The stories of steep growth.

The difference: Relentless focus on creating new value possibilities that customers keep talking about.

It’s a mindset. Which one do you choose?