#272 - Barrett King, Sr. Manager Global GTM Strategy, Partner Ecosystem at Hubspot - on SaaS Partner Ecosystem Mindset

A story about what it takes to build an ecosystem that drives remarkable results

This podcast interview focuses on what it takes to scale the growth of your SaaS business by establishing a remarkable ecosystem. My guest is Barrett King, Sr. Manager – Global GTM Strategy, Partner Ecosystem at Hubspot, and host of the Outcomes Podcast. 

​​Barrett is a highly motivated and results-driven professional with over 10 years of experience in building partnerships and executing go-to-market strategies for SaaS companies. 

He’s the host of the Outcomes Podcast – Where Partnership & SaaS meet – and Senior Manager for Go-to-Market strategies for the Global Partner Ecosystem at Hubspot. 

It’s that combination that triggered me to invite him to my podcast. We explore the art of building and managing partnerships in B2B SaaS organizations. Barrett elaborates on the critical components to focus on throughout the acquisition, onboarding, and lifecycle stages of partners. He shares his experience in concurring the complexity of managing partnerships as businesses evolve and the necessity of diversifying these partnerships for mutual benefit. Lastly, he addresses how to overcome the personnel challenges in various stages of a partnership program, underlining the importance of specialization as the program matures. 

Here’s one of his quotes

Folks will always say things like: “We want to go and build an ecosystem.”

You’re saying the wrong thing. We want to build a partner program, you’re not even thinking about it the right way. I always stopped them there, and I say: “Think about your customer needs first that you don’t deliver. That’s where your opportunities lie.”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. Why you should consider shifting from partnership for revenue to partnerships for customer value 
  2. What to do / no to do when you want partnerships to play a vital role in scaling your SaaS business organizations
  3. Where to make concessions around successful partnerships if you want to deliver the most value to the customer.
  4. How to go about managing partnerships that lead to mutual benefits, increased leverage and enhanced reach and value delivery.

For more information about the guest from this week:


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