Find new ways to grow momentum in a market with new realities in just 5 days

The pandemic is still reshaping business priorities for all of us.

This brings new threats, but new opportunities as well.
Situations like this drive our customers in new directions, and with that….

...our position of advantage can easily evaporate without even noticing...

...suddenly we’re unable to hit the right nerve anymore...

...see our marketing budget drip into the waste bin...

Put a stake in the ground and leverage the brainpower of peers to spark new growth

Participate in this 5-day challenge if you want to explore alternative opportunities to grow value.

You’ll be challenged to take a fresh look at what drives the most value for your customers (today), what’s most critical for them to solve (today) and where do you have the biggest opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

At the end of 5 days, you’ll arrive at:

Ultra relevance

A crystal-clear talk-trigger that’s ultra-relevant – today.

Find new revenue opportunities

Ideas to spark new campaigns to capitalize on new revenue opportunities


The confidence to pick up the phone, plan a Zoom call and have a helpful conversation that drives action

3 simple steps to transform

The workstream starts on Monday and runs through Friday. It consists of 4 prompts and one 90-minute live track where we present the outcome and celebrate the winner.

You work on the prompts asynchronous. By posting your answers you’ll be able to get generous feedback from both me, your coach, as well as your peers. That will give you new ideas. It removes your blindspots and will help you to deliver your best work.

Here’s how to claim your spot:

Select the right person

One of your marketing / product marketing leads

Free him/her up to shine

1 hour a day for 5 days in a row makes all the difference

Allocate a budget

It's just $300.- per participant