Sales Pitching - How to Deliver one that Sticks

4 Essential Steps to Create a Sales Pitch that Doubles Your Chances To Win

Pitching to stakeholders is very personal. Everyone who has a stake in buying your product needs to feel understood and valued. They need to understand how your product solves their unique challenges. All true, but not enough. Ideally, you want people to be talking about you long after you have left the building. You want to plant an idea that sticks with them and is worth making a remark about. This will set you apart from the other salespeople they’ve seen and will help improve both your sales win rates and your average deal value.  

But how to go about it? Here are four steps to get you going. 

Sales Pitch


Know who you’re pitching to and how they can benefit from what you have to offer. One of the secrets to sales success is empathy. Asking the right questions and listening intently is a critical sales skill.  

Ensure you understand their vision and ambitions, know their business goals and the most impactful external pressures and internal roadblocks they are struggling with. Formulate the risks of doing nothing. Then develop an argument to demonstrate that the product or service you’re pitching can help them over-achieve and solve their challenges in a unique way.

Present a Vision

Knowing what drives the agenda of your prospect allows you to customize your solution to their situation and present the big idea behind your solution in the most relevant way.    

You want to change the perspectives of each stakeholder by showcasing in clear terms how your solution or service drives remarkable value by taking away their most critical roadblocks.  How does it set them up for success, how will it save them time or hassle, how will it scale the impact they can make, how will it increase quality and how will it allow them to quickly and easily meet their objectives?  

And remember to make it stick — so they have something to mull over after you’ve exited the room. 

The Pitch

Don’t simply focus on the words you will use, as your delivery is every bit as important as what you say. Consider yourself a trusted advisor helping them make the right choice. Body language, tone of voice and intonation are critical. Ensure you infect people with your enthusiasm and deliver your message in a way that is different from what they normally see. Be creative, use visual aids, surprise and ensure your pitch strikes their emotion in one way or the other. But by all means – keep it simple. Less is more. 


A vital part of your sales pitch is the way you close. Your close should be the natural step to a ‘yes’ for the next stage, whether that is the next round, or ideally closing the deal.  So choose your closes strategically and structure your pitch in such a way that it builds the momentum to end on a ‘high’.  

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