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The cost of focusing on the wrong customers

“How important it is on who we are for, and possibly more important….who we are not for. When we started nine weeks ago with the first prompt, I took it to our leadership team, where we discussed it deeply.  Why? Because we, as the leadership team, influence this. It starts with us.  […]

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“No one perceives our solution as mission-critical…”

This perception is one of the primary reasons SaaS sales cycles are slow: Your solution is considered a nice-to-have, not mission-critical.
And obviously, this can be the case – however…., in 9 out of 10, this it’s something you have total control over. As the headline suggests: It’s a “perception.” 
It’s the story your prospects tell themselves. […]

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What are actually the habits of companies that build remarkable software?

I had an entertaining catch-up call with my dear ex-colleague Christian Weichelt. We came to talk about the power of habits. His mantra: “Don’t control the output; control the inputs.” 
By controlling the inputs, you establish habits – and with that, you move closer to your goals every day. It’s a simple but super powerful concept. 
So, I reflected on this – and wondered, ‘What are the habits of companies that build the software products we keep talking about?”  […]

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The damage we create by talking only about ‘us’

Earlier this week, I received an email from Inside AI, which triggered me to visit a couple of websites from B2B SaaS vendors. It struck me how often sentences start with ‘We ….this’, ‘[Name company]…that’. “Our solution offers…”
Now I get how this – we have to explain what we do, sure. But think about it: who’s your website for? And what is it for? […]

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Will enough prospects buy from you in the next 8 weeks?

We’re four weeks into Q4 2021. It’s the time of the year that determines whether it’s been a success or not. Some software companies I talk to proudly tell me they are well ahead of target. Others have concerns – they still have to bridge a significant gap in the coming eight weeks… […]

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