Remarkable Traction

A free six-day email course for growth-aspiring B2B SaaS CEOs

It will teach you the secrets to create a foundation for remarkable traction within your SaaS business.

Crystalize what makes you remarkable • Identify who’s prepared to pay a premium • Take a position that’s incomparable.

Ask yourself:


  • Are you struggling to attract enough quality leads?
  • Does it feel that everything is dragging in your pipeline?
  • Are you continuously losing against better-funded competitors?
  • Do you feel that discounting has become your only weapon?
  • Are low win rates killing your sales team and your mojo?
  • Is the lack of predictable cash flow starting to make you feel anxious?
  • Is your runway getting shorter and shorter?
  • Are your investors beginning to ask difficult questions?


I’ve got news for you:

Your product probably isn’t the problem. Nor is the market.

Here’s the problem. Your SaaS business doesn’t stand out enough for the right people.

Yes, you started your SaaS business a while back, passionate about creating meaningful change.
You and your team put all your creativity and energy into developing the product.
But somewhere, someone or something led you to believe that once you released it,  your clients would beat a path to your door.

Here’s the thing:

There’s no such thing as bringing a brilliant product to market and ‘then they’ll come.’
Same as for your product, you have to architect and engineer it.
And that’s where many B2B SaaS businesses get stuck in a vicious cycle.
Getting traction is challenging in various stages of your business.
Keeping it and making it remarkable is even more challenging.

The good news is:

You’ve got all the ingredients at your disposal to make your SaaS business and your product stand out. The fact is, it’s passively waiting for someone to leverage it.
You could starve waiting for that to happen.
Or you could take my free Remarkable Traction Bootcamp email course.

In Remarkable Traction Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: How stress about traction pulls us into a vicious cycle that’s hard to escape?
  • Lesson 2: How to design your SaaS business for remarkable traction?
  • Lesson 3: How to attract more customers who are prepared to pay a premium?
  • Lesson 4: How to tune your value proposition to make it irresistible for your ideal customers?
  • Lesson 5: How to make your SaaS business incomparable
  • Lesson 6: How to surprise everyone: your customers, your investors, yourself – yes, even your competitors

Kind words from Clients, Subscribers, and Fans

I am so impressed, and I appreciate all that you taught me.

I started right away to work on some things, and I continue to read and research.

– Marci Schnapp, CEO Opusuna

Easy to read, insightful, and gets the mind cogs turning for any SaaS CEO.

– Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs

These are relevant insights about things we must think about as tech entrepreneurs.

– Elena Agaragimova, Founder Bessern

This is the place to stop for a moment and get valuable inspiring insights.

– Ofer Tziperman, CEO Anagog

Love your emails! They tend to find me at the perfect time and every single one of them speaks to me.

– Lidia Vijga, CEO Decklinks

I do have to thank you for the inspirational emails. Lately, you’ve been hitting a lot of nails for us. THANK YOU!

– Pavol Magic, CEO Mobilyze

About Me

Hi! I’m Ton Dobbe. I was born in The Netherlands, one of the flattest countries in Europe – and the son of a tulip farmer. But tulips weren’t my destiny. The B2B software industry was. I started locally in the Netherlands in Sales, then marketing, and for the last 15 years of my corporate career, I headed up global product marketing & product strategy.

Ton Dobbe, Founder of Value Inspiration and author of The Remarkable Effect

In 2017 I decided it was time to start my own company. I didn’t want to work for a large company anymore. I wanted to share my expertise, experience, and energy to help as many as possible, inspiring startups and scale-ups out there to make a remarkable difference.

Why? I just couldn’t believe the research that 90% of all startups fail. That’s bad… But what’s worse? +75% of SaaS Scaleups seem to fail as well – companies that are supposed to have product-market-fit. 

So it became my mission to help change this. 

Over the past years, I’ve developed my own methodology – The Remarkable Effect. This inspired me to write a book with the same name. The book then sparked the idea behind a weekly mastermind program for mission-led B2B SaaS CEOs.

Beyond that, I have helped dozens of startups and scaleups around the world to stand out in heavily competitive markets. How? By helping them crystalize what makes them remarkable. Identify who’s prepared to pay a premium for that (and why) – so that they can create remarkable traction.  

Care to join our tribe? You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

What are you waiting for?

You’re running out of web page! Don’t waste another day trapped in this vicious cycle. Let’s stop the unpredictable traction.

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