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Here's the painful truth...

Most software sales professionals struggle to stand out in a crowded and noisy market of sales pitches, value promises and technology visions. But there’s a way to change that: Be remarkable, i.e. be worth making a remark about.

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Changing the buyer's mindset...

It all comes down to the right preparation, and remarkable delivery of your sales pitch.

But how?

Exactly this question triggered me to design a 30-minute Sales-Pitch Coaching concept that's optimized to give you instant feedback.

The outcome:

All the ammunition you need to tune your current sales pitch into one that will help you obtain pole position at your next sales case, so you will own the buyer's agenda from that moment onwards.

My approach is inspired by my +26 years of experience and knowledge of product marketing in the business software industry where I've literally trained 100s of sales people in creating remarkable sales pitches.

Here's how it works...

We'll review your current sales pitch – either your 'deliver it' during the call, or you send it prior to the call.

I'll provide my direct feedback based on a proven framework.

This will give you practical ammunition to transform your pitch, make it highly relevant and memorable.

What others are saying about Ton Dobbe:

Walk away with a first class client presentation

Ton is what customer centricity is all about. I learnt so much from Ton in presenting solution value to clients and he is an absolute expert in this field.

His pitch battles were both fun and challenging - but you were guaranteed to walk away with a first class client presentation, focused on the client and one that separates you, your company and your solution from the crowd. I would love to work with Ton again in the future. 

Ben Gordon  //  Business Development Manager

Advice that has changed my career

When you have been in a customer-facing sales role for any length of time you have been thru sales training. Most of which, typically prepare participants to sell products and services and drive business results. All good stuff. 

What they more often that not fail to do, is focus on the customer. And when the training does manage to be “customer focused” they fail to help sales people present information in a provocative, persuasive and engaging way. I can say that without a doubt that the process that I learned from Ton has taught me a way of thinking about the materials that I am presenting in a way that for me, has changed my career.

Christopher Brewer  //  Global Lead Not for Profit

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