Can Your Salespeople Claim Pole Position with their Sales Pitch?

Can Your Salespeople Claim Pole Position with their Sales Pitch?

Do your salespeople know the difference between pitching and bragging about your company? Sales pitching involves changing your prospect’s perspective by communicating a vision and showcasing the true value of your products and services. Too many people take the bragging approach, which goes on about how great your company is, or how rich the features of your product are – thereby completely losing the connection with the customer.

This sales method takes away the opportunity to start out in the pole position. The only thing the customer ends up remembering after seeing five other vendors is the negative parts of the experience. You need a different method to end up on their shortlist, let alone lead the shortlist.

The Key Components of a Remarkable Sales Pitch

Your salespeople need to focus on the essential characteristics of a winning pitch: memorable, simple and personalized. When they harness their storytelling skills, they can land that coveted pole position.

One of the most significant changes in the sales meeting is presenting the vision and values and leaving the features for later in the presentation. When your salespeople capture their attention immediately, they’re going to stand out from the vendor selection. A strong first impression makes the difference when the customer starts making their final selections.

Remarkable pitches deliver a measurable impact on your win-rate and deal-values. You can point at the data and see the exact influence it has on bringing in new business and creating loyal customers.

How to Change the Behavior of Our Salespeople

Once you change your salespeople’s perspective, they can end up dramatically improving their game. All they need to do is follow a few simple rules.

Sales pitching clinics offer an excellent opportunity to get your salespeople the education they need to improve their performance.

You want to empower your people with the skills they need to deliver the best sales pitch possible. The magic of a pitching clinic lies in its competitive nature – where every participant competes for victory in a grand finale – the Pitch Battle. This will instantly reveal where they stand and how they can improve their game.

Don’t find yourself in last place when it’s time for the customer to make a purchase decision. Use new pitching techniques to claim pole position at every opportunity.


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