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#205 – Gregory Lim, CEO Persosa on delivering transformative change Creating remarkably human experiences by asking "What if technology doesn't exist?"

We explore what’s broken in digital marketing and how the disconnect with what’s normal in the real world is leading to many inconvenient and often creepy experiences. He shares the big idea behind his company and how this will help brands to have more organic, natural conversations with their clients – leading to higher, and faster conversion. He also shares the big lessons learned in building his company, what’s been instrumental to where Persosa is right now, and what he’d do differently next time. […]

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“To reach a goal you’ve never before attained, you must do things you’ve never before done”

“To reach a goal you’ve never before attained, you must do things you’ve never before done.”
Avoid ever having to say ‘we wished we’d had the guts to do it, but now it’s too late.’
I believe curiosity is something to cherish in every aspect of a business software company. It’s critical at the start when you develop the big idea and make it a reality, but it’s possibly even more important as your business grows and evolves. […]

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#195 – Derek Mendonça, Co-Founder Singular Aircraft on creating products that drive word of mouth Great innovation starts with beautiful (but big) constraints

We explore how making big progress is so often not about introducing new technology, but changing the mindset of people. Derek shares many anecdotes about his fascinating journey (and opportunity) with Singular Aircraft. How small thinking literally stopped countries that need it most to make a big impact. He talks about the big lessons learned to overcome seemingly impossible hurdles – and what helped him to stay sane in that process. […]

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