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How to turn a market downturn into your tailwind in SaaS What can we do different to grow resilience in periods of crisis?

A market downturn always results in a shock effect – whether it’s the recent COVID pandemic, an economic crisis (like we’ve seen in 2008), or a regional (or global) conflict (such as the effects of what’s happening today in Ukraine). And that results in an unpredictable reaction that can last for months, even years. 

And although the analysts are often not in agreement about the answers – one thing they agree about is: Crisis brings opportunity. And that opportunity is hidden in the changing priorities. What used to sell well up to yesterday, not necessarily sells today anymore. This is about the perception of value. Something that was mission-critical yesterday can become a nice to have today – and vice versa. So it’s not that everything ‘locks’ (at least not for long) – investment priorities shift. And that’s the opportunity to not only meet your forecasts but to exceed them. […]

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What are the 3 levers for growth you bet on in 2022?

growth levers

Over the past months, I’ve had numerous conversations with tech-entrepreneurs on the topic of leverage. So let me highlight one critical question:
“My VCs asked me: ‘If we’d invest €4 million in your business – where would you focus this money to deliver the biggest multiplier?’ […]

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Struggling to get your SaaS gross-margins to top 70%?

gross margins in saas

“Optimizing your costs and expenses is key to building a winning cloud company. In cloud, gross margins measure how effective companies are in delivering their software to customers, and they average 65-70% across company lifetimes.”
Now I completely agree with this – however, I’d like to address an area where I see a lot of SaaS companies negatively impact their margin: The quality of their revenue. […]

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