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#215 – Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO AppyWay – on making the impossible possible A story about leveraging technology to make parking forgettable

Dan Hubert

We explore what’s broken in the world of parking. Dan shares his vision of how to make the kerbside a value driver and turn it into a positive revenue engine that benefits all of us. He shares how incredibly hard it has been to create momentum, and what he’s done to create breakthroughs, momentum and secure defensible differentiation for his business. Last but not least he shares is advice on what it takes to create a SaaS business that the world will talk about (and keep talking about). […]

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#214 – Tobias Konitzer Ph.D., CEO of Ocurate – on using LTV to solve profitability issues The difference it makes when Lifetime Value becomes the organizing principle of your business

We explore what’s broken in the ability of many B2C companies to grow profitably. Tobias shares his big lessons learned in starting a revolution, and what it took to create solid traction. He touches upon the importance of investing in getting positioning right. Last but not least he shares his advice on what it takes to build a SaaS business that cannot be ignored, and what mindset and habits to develop to not burn out from the many failures you’ll have to deal with on your way. […]

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#213 – Baptiste Boulard, CEO Swapcard – on dominating a niche The art of creating a SaaS product that's mission-critical, not nice to have.

We explore what’s broken in the space where we make our biggest marketing investments: the world of events. How a lot of things have been solved on the process side – but not what’s most valuable: Networking. Baptiste shares the big lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey. What was required to not only survive the Pandemic crisis but to actually come out stronger. The pivots he’s led to move from ‘nice to have’ into the ‘mission critical’ domain. And what is required to build a SaaS business that the world talks about? […]

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#212 – John Hudson, CEO of Luma1 on making customers heroes A story about driving transformational change by sharing knowledge in different ways

We explore what’s broken in today’s business world when it comes to transparent communication and sharing knowledge. We discuss how it holds organizations back when it comes to accelerating change, and what’s missing to fix the problem. We discuss his big lessons learned in his attempt to embrace product-led growth and how he’s steering product development to focus on what matters. Last but not least John shares his views on what it takes to build a B2B SaaS product that makes people say “I need to have that!” […]

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#211 – Ilia Zelenkin, CEO of Bitskout on creating transformational change A story about making happiness at work affordable again

We explore what’s broken in managing projects within small companies – and why we should not accept the waste that goes on with that. Ilia shares his vision about how to make the most advanced technology affordable and the journey he’s on to turn his intelligence platform into an expert platform that could not only forecast your work but check it later on as well. […]

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#210 – Nimrod Priell, CEO of Cord on leveraging Make/Buy/Partner in SaaS How tiny details can make a huge difference in strategy and go-to-market success

We explore what’s broken in the way SMEs can create true value from their ever-growing SaaS stack. We discuss the underlying problem and what needs to change in mindset of the SaaS Vendor community to cross the chasm that will bring more value for all. Lastly, Nimrod shares his views on what it takes to build a SaaS business that cannot be ignored. […]

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#209 – Daniel Erickson, CEO of Viable on nailing Product Market Fit A story about what it takes to build software that customers love

We explore the challenges many SaaS businesses face in finding product-market fit. Daniel shares his experiences, and what’s required to do / not to do in order achieve this – whether you build a product from the ground up, or evolve an existing product. He also shares his experiences that not every product is fit for a product-led growth approach, and what it takes to spark adoption and to grow meaningful traction. Last but not least he leaves his views on what it takes to build a software business the world talks about. […]

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#208 – Scott Markovits, CEO Spontaneousli on creating problem-market fit Avoid going the funding route and focus on building a SaaS business that's sustainable

We explore how switching to a remote-first world has created a range of new challenges – some very valuable to solve. Just think about the Great Resignation. We discuss the innovation opportunity ahead – and how big impact can be created with seemingly very simple solutions. Scott shares how complacency and comfort in sticking to traditional thinking can put the best companies in harmful situations. Last but not least he shares his views on creating a remarkable software business and why bootstrapping should be considered by more SaaS companies. […]

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#207 – Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs on empowering 2 billion deskless workers  A story about turning a big idea into reality, creating meaningful change

We explore what’s broken in the world of the desk-less worker and how this negatively impacts efficiency, accuracy, customer service, and safety. Rami shares the approach they’ve taken to enable field workers to deliver their best work in the toughest conditions. He also details what they did to not only survive the pandemic but come out stronger altogether. Last but not least he shares his experiences in creating momentum, especially in a market that hasn’t got a change or growth mindset. […]

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