On Positioning

5 strategies to optimally position your B2B SaaS business If you review your SaaS positioning statement. Does it have the magnetizing effect for the right customers? What if it had?

The fact that market research keeps confirming the statistic that 9 out of 10 SaaS startups fail bothers me – a lot. Sure, I realize there are 100s of reasons for it, but I also believe it’s out of proportion. It’s not that the ideas behind the business are always bad. It’s not that the product that’s been created is useless. Very often all of that is sound, the fact is, traction stays out – and too many don’t get to deliver their mission. 

That’s why I decided to do a deep dive into one of the basics to get right: Positioning.  […]

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What are the 3 levers for growth you bet on in 2022?

growth levers

Over the past months, I’ve had numerous conversations with tech-entrepreneurs on the topic of leverage. So let me highlight one critical question:
“My VCs asked me: ‘If we’d invest €4 million in your business – where would you focus this money to deliver the biggest multiplier?’ […]

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Struggling to get your SaaS gross-margins to top 70%?

gross margins in saas

“Optimizing your costs and expenses is key to building a winning cloud company. In cloud, gross margins measure how effective companies are in delivering their software to customers, and they average 65-70% across company lifetimes.”
Now I completely agree with this – however, I’d like to address an area where I see a lot of SaaS companies negatively impact their margin: The quality of their revenue. […]

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The cost of focusing on the wrong customers

“How important it is on who we are for, and possibly more important….who we are not for. When we started nine weeks ago with the first prompt, I took it to our leadership team, where we discussed it deeply.  Why? Because we, as the leadership team, influence this. It starts with us.  […]

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What are actually the habits of companies that build remarkable software?

I had an entertaining catch-up call with my dear ex-colleague Christian Weichelt. We came to talk about the power of habits. His mantra: “Don’t control the output; control the inputs.” 
By controlling the inputs, you establish habits – and with that, you move closer to your goals every day. It’s a simple but super powerful concept. 
So, I reflected on this – and wondered, ‘What are the habits of companies that build the software products we keep talking about?”  […]

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How seemingly subtle product strategy decisions can set you apart in a big way An interview with Surbhi Rathore, Co-Founder, and CEO of Symbl

We explore what’s broken in the way we communicate and collaborate digitally. We discuss what is required to capitalize on the potential of human intellect by making collaboration effortless. We also address the tough choices Surbhi made in not going with the flow – but instead taking a radically different approach to solving the big problem in the market. Last but not least we discuss what it takes to build a remarkable software business.  […]

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