Stories and thoughts about inspiring new forms of value creation

How to create an organization where the bulk of your employees are so committed that they are willing to put in their own money An interview with Nico Blier Silvestri, Co-Founder and CEO of Platypus

We explore what’s broken in the market where it comes to building thriving cultures. We discuss that’s very much a management issue – and what difference can be made if technology and people blend in the right way. Nico shares his stories about the journey he’s been through in taking the Platypus from an initial vision to where it is today. He shares the mistakes he made and explains how we overcame some big hurdles to get to Product-Market Fit and create a solution that makes a significant difference in the eyes of his customers. […]

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The value we can create when software makes its users remarkable An interview with David Jay, Founder and CEO of Warm Welcome

We explore what’s broken in the way communicate digitally and what that leads to. We then discuss the approach David has chosen to solve this problem in a remarkable way. He shares his big lessons learned in building the solution in an as lean as possible way. He addresses the challenges he faced in creating momentum in a completely new category – and ends with his fresh take on the concept of ‘launching’. […]

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How to make workplace culture less accidental – and let people succeed from the get-go. An interview with Petri Lehtonen, CEO of Flowtrace

We explore what’s broken when it comes to creating successful company cultures – and what are the consequences of failing. We discuss what culture creation really is all about, and how technology can play a fundamental role in amplifying the benefits in areas such as boosting productivity, creativity, quality, and/or innovation. Lastly, we dig into Petri’s big lessons learned around creating a product-market fit and creating momentum through messaging. […]

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How seemingly subtle product strategy decisions can set you apart in a big way An interview with Surbhi Rathore, Co-Founder, and CEO of Symbl

We explore what’s broken in the way we communicate and collaborate digitally. We discuss what is required to capitalize on the potential of human intellect by making collaboration effortless. We also address the tough choices Surbhi made in not going with the flow – but instead taking a radically different approach to solving the big problem in the market. Last but not least we discuss what it takes to build a remarkable software business.  […]

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How taking a radically different approach to solving a problem can move an entire industry into having a massive competitive disadvantage An interview with Peter Voss, Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of Aigo AI

We explore what’s broken in the world of Chatbots – and why conventional approaches can only bring us so far. We then explore what can be i.e. what potential is ahead of us if we take a different approach. Peter further talks about the challenges he faced and overcame through sheer perseverance.  […]

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