Stories and thoughts about inspiring new forms of value creation

A story about a startup that’s transforming individual learning An interview with Elena Agaragimova, Founder at Bessern

We explore what’s broken when it comes to the traditional approach to Learning & Development. We dig into how people learn, and how technology can help people learn more, faster, and with more joy by taking a radically different approach. We discussed their journey from idea to go-to-market and how this could be done in a way that was financially attractive. Beyond that, we explore how they overcame one of their biggest challenges to creating app-stickiness – a critical ingredient to their growth strategy. […]

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A story about thinking big, starting small, to transform the way people and goods move across cities. An interview with Ryan Green, Co-Founder and CEO Gridwise

We explore what’s broken in mobility, and all the problems that lead to. We then dive into his founder story, what sparked the big idea, and how persistence helped Ryan succeed when no one believed in his idea upfront. We discuss his extremely lean approach to innovation and what he believes is required to build a software business your customers just keep talking about. […]

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