On Sales Pitching

The art of differentiation and influencing anyone

#222 – Lidia Vijga, CEO Decklinks – on how to win against the big brands How to change the game by making B2B Sales more human

We explore what’s broken in the world of B2B sales when it comes to how we communicate. Lidia shares her vision of how companies can grow faster by making sales more human. She talks us through the big lessons she learned in her previous startup, and how the unique insights she gained firsthand gave her and her team a formula for success. Last but not least she shares her advice on what it takes to build a SaaS business that’s ultra-lean, remarkable, and able to compete with the ‘big boys.’ […]

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Will enough prospects buy from you in the next 8 weeks?

We’re four weeks into Q4 2021. It’s the time of the year that determines whether it’s been a success or not. Some software companies I talk to proudly tell me they are well ahead of target. Others have concerns – they still have to bridge a significant gap in the coming eight weeks… […]

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“It feels like we’re selling with wind force 9 headwind”

We’ve fallen in love with our solution and can’t believe customers don’t see its magic and beauty.
“How’s that possible?” we scream. “The customer is right in our sweet spot – they have the same size and are in the same vertical and region.”

That’s precisely where the problem hides. Again, the demographics are crystal clear. But that’s not where it stings. […]

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