Changing the norm

Changing the norm

Value PropositionIt was a beautiful day in May 2016. My train had just arrived at Gard du Nord station in the middle of Paris. As I headed towards the exit I hailed my first ever Uber ride.

The moment I walked out of the train station, I realized the taxi was already arriving, and the moment I reached the agreed spot, it stopped, and the trunk opened.

That very moment changed every norm about using taxis for me. A service I’d used for years suddenly had become a totally different experience– and I loved it. No more searching for the taxi spots on rainy cold days, no more asking ‘if they’d accept credit cards’, no more discussions on rates….

We all recall those moments. They’re powerful. And we cherish them because it makes our lives better and more enjoyable. The fact is – changing norms isn’t rocket science or require millions of investment. Changing norms can happen at any level – for any moment in our life – and that makes it an opportunity and a thread at the same time.

Just think about – What’s the chance someone came into your market changing the norm for your customers? Yes, that chance is pretty big. This has nothing to do with how established you are. It’s an opportunity for everyone to grab. As big as that chance is for new breeds of competition, as big is that chance for you. You just need to start seeing the opportunity. And one simple way to start this is to step inside the shoes of your ideal customer and see they world through their eyes. It’s all about empathy.

Just try to note one habit your customer has become accustomed to. A habit that, in 2020 is actually too ridiculous to be true. Ask simple questions like ‘Why is this done this way?’ or ‘What if we’d take this step completely away?’ Your solution doesn’t have to be reinvented top to bottom. Start with creating peaks (moments of joy), rather than continuing fixing holes (incremental improvements). Focus on creating that one magical moment – and then do the next and the next.

Imagine what you could accomplish in your next sprint. What could you give your customers that would change a norm for them. Something they’ll find worth making a remark about.

If this keeps you thinking – the Remarkable Effect Tribe might be something that’s right for you. It’s designed for Tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission – people like you, driven to solve a big and meaningful problem, applying new fresh approaches to set the new norm.