Creating SaaS businesses people talk about – together

A Mastermind program providing B2B SaaS CMOs to level up together and flesh-out burning questions

Do these challenges sound familiar?

How to meet the raised growth expectations?

Every growth stage brings new challenges - especially for marketing...

How to structure to scale faster?

Where can you create leverage to do the impossible again - and again?

How will you ensure more ... better leads

The quality of your leads can make or break performance of the business...

Being a CMO can feel very lonely

  • It’s you that everyone’s looking at when it comes to driving enough demand…
  • It’s your final call to niche down further and ignore 90% of the TAM….
  • It’s your responsibility to how comfortably the company can make its raised growth expectations….

Day-to-day challenges. Day-to-day tough calls. Day-to-day worries. No matter how strong your marketing team is – in the end, you’re in charge. It’s exactly that pressure that this CMO Mastermind program is easing.

The CMO Mastermind is a year-round, interactive, online workstream for B2B SaaS CMOs.
An outlet to air out, recharge, and flesh-out burning questions. It’s for change makers that aim to make a difference. People like you, passionate to shape a SaaS business tha customers just keep talking about.


How it works

Central to this 12-month program is the combo of carefully selected monthly themes blended with the biggest priorities on your agenda. In this way, it’s guaranteed you’ll all work ‘on’ the business, make tangible progress, and create a bigger impact. Here’s how it’s structured:

  • Weekly mastermind sessions, we address specific challenges together around a programmatic framework (10 Traits of Remarkable Software Companies) to remove the barriers that hold you back. Depending the topic we’ll use different formats to get maximum results (Hotseat, special prompts, break-out sessions,…)
  • Exclusive private groups to deeply reflect on your challenges, and get generous feedback from your like-minded peers in a safe and confidential environment.

Who's eligible to join?

This Mastermind is for you if you are a B2B SaaS CMO and:

  • Your company has a market-tested product, paying customers, and is ready for scaling up.*
  • You are committed to continuous self-learning and willing to provide generous feedback to peers
  • You are eager to join a group of change-makers that define their success by the impact they create.

(* – To get maximum value from the Mastermind program your revenue ideally sits within the $5M and $25M ARR bracket.)


What's my investment and what do I get

Your investment: €/$3.750.- for a period of 12 months (invoiced quarterly) and includes:

  1. Access to the weekly CMO Masterminds (live) moderated around monthly themes
  2. Full access to a private group on the community platform: Weekly prompts, innovation stories, access to previous masterminds, key learnings, and discussions
  3. A copy of my book ‘The Remarkable Effect’

My guarantees to you:

  1. Quality over quantity. Your cohort will be no bigger than 8 like-minded peers
  2. Your cohort will be without any direct competitors
  3. You’ll sign up for a full year, but can cancel your membership till up to 3 months into the program – no questions asked

Ready to start? Here's what happens next?

Step 1: Answer 5 simple questions

It's not for everyone. Drive, values, and where you are on your journey matter because I want to ensure you are surrounded by the right like-minded people to obtain maximum value.

Step 2: We'll have an intake call

I'll reach out to schedule an intake call. This way you'll have all your questions answered in simple way.

Step 3: Hear if and when you can join

If all signs are green I'll personally confirm when you can start your experience in the CEO Mastermind program. You'll sign up for the next 12 months (but can always decide to cancel the membership until month 3)