Creating a movement

Bringing together stories & people passionate about how technology can amplify the unique strengths of people to deliver value unimaginable before

Just imagine what potential we can unlock when technology and people blend in the right way...

Successful services organizations are typically led by a strong purpose – be it the elimination of poverty or inequality, the creation of safety, employability or sustainability, or simply growth and prosperity. It’s their people that stand between failure and success, not products.

I believe these same people are not served well by technology.
Too much focus is put on automating people out of a process i.e. cutting cost, rather than scenarios where the unique strengths of people are augmented with technology to create better outcomes i.e. deliver unique value.

Just think about it:
Every hour of underutilizing the power of people in the services sector is adding to the tidal wave of waste negatively impacting the lives of millions and millions of people around the world.

  • The quality of life of millions of people living in poverty is impacted due to under-performing NGO program impact
  • The future of our kids is impacted because education continues to stay too costly without the guarantee for employability
  • Our own wellbeing is impacted in terms of safety and prosperity due to under-performing governmental services and the cost of delivery of the infrastructure of the future by professional services firms

It’s time to challenge the status quo

Since change only happens with action I’ve made it my mission to inspire new ways of value creation by creating a platform that brings together compelling showcases, and forward-thinking organizations. It’s my ambition to turn the negative vibe of robots taking over peoples’ jobs into a positive vibe by sharing compelling showcases where smart Human-Machine combinations result in unique value creation.

My drive is to start a movement that will drive three outcomes:

  1. The broader awareness of ‘what can be’ when technology and people blend in the right way.
  2. The acceleration of adoption by bringing together a tribe of likeminded forward-looking people and organizations
  3. The acceleration of new initiatives and solutions because one idea inspires the other.

How can you help?

Success only can be achieved by utilizing the power of the crowd – together we know more. So, if you know a person or organization that’s either using, planning to use, or even developing solutions that are/will amplify the unique strengths of people with technology, simply let me know via one of the following options:


Connect on Linkedin and become a member of the tribe.


Simply send me an email with your idea or story, the rest will follow from there.


Simply share the mission on twitter: "It’s time to focus more time on amplifying the unique strengths of people with technology to change the established rules, and deliver value unimaginable before."