Remarkable SaaS businesses mix curiousness with courage

Some of the most brilliant tech-entrepreneurs I know share two things: They are both curious and courageous.

It gives them a firm edge.

This helps them not only get the job done but more importantly, they get it done well.

When I interview them for my weekly podcast I can often already sense it in the first couple of minutes. There’s ‘something else’ about them.

But also in our weekly CEO Masterminds, these traits bring out the best in all of us.

An often heard conclusion is that ‘the conversations we have in just this one hour a week have greater value than reading dozens of books or plowing on for months trying to solve something on your own.’

But this is not because we talk about the things that keep us all up at night. On the contrary – we could talk for days and achieve nothing

The value comes from a strong ability to

  1. wanting to know
  2. paying attention to answers, and
  3. a willingness to act – i.e. ask the questions that need to be asked

And that’s where things often fail. We listen with curiosity but don’t dare to take the next step. We lack courage.

As Brene Brown wisely said:

“Curiosity is an act of vulnerability and courage. We need to be brave enough to want to know more.”

I’d say, something to work on in 2022!